A Lesson In Learning To "Know Your Worth"

Sometimes you can doubt your value. You may feel under appreciated at work, or afraid to leave a friend/social setting, unsure about feeling credible enough to put your ideas out there in the public arena...what ever the situation is a level of CERTAINTY is required to TAKE ACTION.

There's an old quote that says "You cannot give what you don't have". I add on "what you give reveals what you have". For example, some people say they have no money, but then they go and buy a coffee. What they gave revealed what they had: money. We all universally give value to things that require our value to exist but we aren't being told that. If we truely knew how much majority of ideas and products and places need exist because of our collective attention and value, then the world would be very different.

So if you want to make a change, start over, step up, step down and you feel a little uncertain of your value, here are some universal truths about how we all give value. 

*without us doing these very things, 80% of the "stuff" we have is render worthless.

When you give attention, you are giving value.

If you don't pay attention in class...what results usually follow? If we don't pay attention to the news, the words people speak to us, the ideals of what success is in our society, think of how that could positively effect our lives? When show your attention, you are giving value.

"When you distance yourself from the values of culture, you will cease to judge yourself on a material basis. "

When you endorse something or someone, you giving value.

When you speak about an idea, a movie, clothes you wear, talk about other people, share something online you are endorsing something. You are giving life to things that need your value. Without our endorsement, ideas as we know it wouldn't be known. Music we love wouldn't be heard. 

When you attend something, you are giving value.

What if we all stopped going to the mall? The mall would shut. What if we all stopped buying smart phones and kept our current ones forever? What if we all stopped going to church? What if no one went to work? When you attend something, you give it value. Who needs who? The phone needs a user. Facebook needs users. Cars need drivers. It's either you need it or it needs you. 

If you see things are they are, you realise a table is made out of natural material, a phone is just glass with a circuits, a house is bricks...why are they valuable? We give value to these things. Clothing is just fabric. If we look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs, our basic needs are for food, shelter and sex. Society works for more than that. It's not about just having shelter, its about what kind of shelter will I have? Is it near the water? (Is that for functional reasons of personal preferences?). 

"I need to go and buy...." can be translated to really meaning "I want to go and buy". 

The thing you need to realise is that you and I are the value bringers. Without our our involvement, majority of our inventions and consumer products wouldn't survive. Therefore, you have value. The question is, where do you choose to give it?


Matt PurcellComment