World class athlete’s require support, objective feedback, experience and wisdom from a coach. This is true for individuals who want to become the best version of themselves. Whether to become more resilient, to help discover what to do next in life or to get to that next level, a life coach is trained to help you relationally reach your desired results. 


Life coaching is different from just pure advice, consulting and therapy. Coaching focuses on specific personal and professional goals by examining the current situation, help identity challenges and obstacles and give support, create plans and use resources to achieve specific goals.



  • Get Crystal Clear On Your Direction: Gain clarity on how to objectively change your decisions, mindset and results that will radically change your life in the next year. 
  • Achieve Your Personal Goals: Learn tools, tactics, strategies and confidence to break through limitations and create systems to achieve your desired goals. 
  • Overcome Your Challenges: Become a master at controlling your emotional state and learn how to face life’s challenges with strategy, passion and accountability. 
  • Become A Leader, Not A Follower: Learn how to say “yes less” to the things that distract you and gain new tools to make effective decisions and inspire, persuade and connect with others. 
  • Relationships & Family: Get the tools you need to ignite passion and life into your relationships through understanding your beliefs, tap into the skill of empathy and effective communication which will create fulfilled and long lasting relationships. 
“It is a relationship which aim’s to encourage, equip and influence a person to achieve their goals, cultivate their relationships and strengthen their character”.jpg


Matt is in high demand for his coaching and he sets time aside to work personally with his life coaching mentees. As of 2018, Matt has decided to open up more time to coach individuals via online sessions as the demand as increased dramatically.
Based in Newcastle Australia, He is offering 10-15 lucky people a chance to get personal coaching for either 6 or 12 months either through online or in person in Newcastle. 

  • Weekly One On One Sessions: Schedule a weekly hour meeting with Matt via online or in person (depending on area code) and have all of Matt's energy, wisdom and focus. A lot can happen in a week, and having a world class coach like Matt to keep you accountable will change your life.
  • Personalised Strategies:  With your weekly meetings with Matt, you will learn, plan and apply measurable strategies that are in context to your personal goals and direction. 
  • Regular Contact: Matt intentionally keeps in life coaching sessions within a certain number of people so that he can give the best value to his mentees throughout the week. You'll be sent encouragement, reminders and helpful resources to help keep you on track. 
  • Free Access To Events:  Special offer exclusively to Matt's mentees. Free access to any of Matt's events. 
    These spots will go fast so enquire today! 


"Village To Raise A Child"

I have had three children, counselled, mentored & life coached by Matt to this day. I have always said it takes a village to raise a child & I will be forever grateful Matt is part of that village as my children have prospered & grown from children to young adults & I look forward to continuing our journey into adulthood with our kids guided by Matt & his brilliant team. 

Mother Of 3 // Business Owner

"10 Year Battle With Anxiety"

Because of Matt’s coaching I’ve been able to overcome a 10 year battle with anxiety and I have been able to successfully launch my business projects with the guidance and accountability that Matt provides.
I’m forever grateful for his amazing heart and wisdom.

Young Adult //Business Owner 

"Above And Beyond"

Not only is Matt's approach friendly,caring and professional, he goes beyond and is a true friend. I've participated in Matt's AWSOME seminars and I can honestly say Matt has the ability to reach the core of your personal problems and makes you feel a million times better. I'm so blessed to have experienced him.

Kirstine Butler
Mother Of 2