I'm A Christian, I Serve At Church, I Pray But I'm Still Single - PART 1

Amy is a bible believing, church serving, loveable friend to many who has always dreamed since she was a teenager in youth group that God will bring her the "dream job."

Since she was a teenager, she heard countless messages on how God will provide her needs and "give her the desires of her heart". She serves most nights of the week, attends all the bible studies, services and connect groups. 

But Amy is more confused and tired than ever before - its been nearly 8 years and God has not come through with her requests despite her loyalty to her church and prayer life. 

"There just doesn't seem to be anything left. I've tried everything and no one has come to me to offer me my dream job. I'm barely holding on."

But when Amy is asked "why don't you go and network, set up some coffee meetings, check out some business breakfasts, log online to some social media hang outs to meet new people?"
Her responses are: 

"I'm too busy,... 
"ah its just not what I think I need to do God will just bring it to me I know I've just got to keep waiting."
"I would have to be at the bottom....start from scratch, I can't really do that."

Amy is still waiting for someone to come along, find her, notice her and give her the dream job. 

Is it any wonder why Amy isn't getting closer to her dream job? 

This is what many single young adult christians do with their love life. There is NO difference.

"Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened".


Matt Purcell